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5 Good topics for a math research paper

The more research you invest into a math problem, the more rewarding it tends to be. Math research papers are fun to write, and explaining a logical analysis of something that is usually interpreted with numbers, makes for an interesting read.

The reason for this is because math is everywhere, and diving into a math problem and discussing or solving it, has an impact on the world around us. Choosing a good topic for a math research paper will have a big impact on your teacher or professor. The best way to choose a good topic is to either think out of the box and discuss the subculture of the math world, or choose a math topic involving a problem that remains completely or partially unsolved. So here are 5 good topic tips you may want to consider writing on.

  • An unsolved math problem
  • Try aiming for the ‘Millennium prize problems’, which present several math problems that are interesting, debatable and impressionable as a lone subject. One of these problems is ‘The Riemann Hypothesis’. A proof or disproof of this would have far-reaching implications in number theory, especially for the distribution of prime numbers.

  • Write about math culture
  • It may seem silly to some, but selecting a topic that has to do with the math community is an unexpected turn when writing a math research paper. How about discussing Grigori Perelman, a man who solved the difficult ‘Poincaré Conjecture’, but refused to accept any awards for his effort. Sounds like a good story, doesn’t it? What were his reasons for refusing the awards, and what then did motivate him to solve the problem in the first place?

  • Just a theory
  • What about the subject of ‘almost perfect numbers’? These numbers are believed to be of the form 2k, but this has not yet been successfully proven of all of them. Dive in and get controversial with this subject, making a few calculations and hypotheses on your way.

  • Make it a game
  • Every watched the show Numbers? The show depicts the character Charlie Epps who helps his FBI brother solve murders using his math prowess. Often referred to in the show, game theory makes for interesting discussion and analysis. Writing about game theory in your research paper is diverse and can take you down many varied avenues of thought.

  • Computers and programming
  • Where is your math study taking you? If it’s down the avenues of computer programming or electrical engineering, then make that your main point of discussion and research. Computer programming is all about math, and writing about this topic will give you hundreds of different aspects to write on.