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Who can provide me with some help on my math homework?

Teachers as well as classmates and tutors are among a long list of people who can provide you with help on homework when you need it. If you are looking for some help on your math homework consider these study tips:

  • Tip 1: Review your notes or homework assignments from the day before. Prior to starting class look over your notes from the day before. Look to see if there are any concepts that you might want to ask your teacher about or if any sample problems confused you.

  • Tip 2: Record your lectures. Ask your teacher if it is ok and then record your lecture. Sometimes you miss small steps as you are taking notes and forget to ask about it later. This can set you back greatly especially if it happens multiple times. That is why recording your lectures is so beneficial; you can’t miss a thing. This is especially useful for auditory learners. Remember that just because your class is 45 minutes long does not mean you will have to listen to 45 straight minutes of lecture. More often than not a 45 minute lecture has about 15 minutes of solid talking time.

  • Tip 3: Ask for extra practice problems. This might seem dorky but it will do the trick. If you are struggling with a concept the best way to really learn it is to try and try again. Ask your teacher to solve a few sample problems for you if one wasn’t enough. The teacher is there to show you samples and help you learn from them. If you don’t understand a topic do not shy away from asking the teacher to try another sample. The worst thing that will happen is the teacher offers a handful of samples and you still don’t get it so they arrange office hours to work with you privately. And that benefits you too.

  • Tip 4: Draw the things your teacher draws. If your teacher takes the time to write something down on the board or draw something you need to copy it. You might not think it is important but if the teacher took the time to write it you can rest assured it is important. Copy it down and at least save it for later review if nothing else.

By doing these things you can improve your math skills and improve your math grades.