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History homework answers: a list of possible helpful sources

If you are looking for history homework answers there are many helpful sources. Each resource has its benefits and some may be better suited for your particular learning style than others. That means you may have to use a combination before you find the right fit.

As a student there are many resources at your disposal, especially those that can help with homework including:

  • - School tutors
  • - Professional tutors
  • - Classmates
  • - Study groups
  • - Homework help online

Study groups and classmates can be quite helpful because they can aid you with concepts you recently studied in class. They have a familiarity with the same principles and examples that your professor used in class, whereas a parent or tutor might have been taught the same concept in a different manner or with different language. Sometimes, in order to make complicated formulas or equations simplistic and more easily understood by the masses, teachers will introduce fun home videos or cartoons, or use animated language to describe the concept that does not use the scientific or professional name. This can make it difficult to work with an online source, because that source may only know the scientific or professional name and not the animated name used in your class.

However, a tutor is a great resource because unlike a study group or friend, it can be offered one-on-one which means you can learn the concepts at your own pace. You can revisit anything you struggle with, and not feel as though you are holding everyone back. You also get the added bonus of confidentiality. Your tutors cannot share information about your time with them.

Certified tutors can:

  • - help you when you feel overwhelmed by the quantity of material you need to learn

  • - help you focus on the relevant material you need to learn or revisit in order to pass an upcoming test or to understand the course materials

  • - help work with you, using a learning style that helps you get the most out of your time rather than using a generic learning style that appeals to the masses

  • - help to reinforce concepts that might be difficult for you

  • - ensure full confidentiality

Additionally, many schools offer student tutors that are certified and highly qualified in your subject for free. This means you can get regular help with your homework without having to pay for the services.