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Free Online Math Homework Help: Using A Chat

This is something the student needs to be careful of. There are sites that do provide free online chat help in homework, including math, but not all the free sites use qualified help. Many of the free sites use unqualified tutors, and may or may not be a good help. Some of the chat sites offer a free trial service, and some are funded by an outside support. What will be talked about here, is how to find a good site for free chat, math homework help help.

  1. Examine the Site
  2. Free Chat, Mislead
  3. How can this be Free?
  4. Types of Chat

  • Examine the Site
  • Examining the site, will tell the student, or parent, a lot about what is going on. By doing this, it is possible to see if the site is a scam, or for real. And if it is for real, what exactly it will cost to use their service. Even though many sites say free, do not believe it until the site is well examined. Read the “About Us”, go to the bottom of the page, and look at the information there, as there might be a link for pricing, or services. Often in services, it is possible to find out, there are both free services, and paid services, and which is which.

  • Free Chat, Mislead
  • A free chat mislead, is just that. When looking in the search engine, the site comes up as free chat, but when it is clicked on, the site says online tutoring, or chat for money. One site looked at for writing this, the free chat, was to get pricing, not to help. These sites use a mislead to get hopeful students and parents to come to them, and hopefully check their prices and sign up. It is in all ways, a mislead.

  • How can this be Free?
  • With the real free sites, there is someone funding them, a school, government, or company. These people have to be paid so they can take care of their families too. The site will always state who is funding them, so the student or parent knows what they are getting into. These are legit sites, and either offer everyone free services, or have a requirement as to who gets the help.

  • Types of Chat
  • Many of the free chat sites, use a forum style chat, where one or a few people can help many students at the same time. Some use a one on one forum style chat, so the person can work one on one with the student. A few actually use a voice chat, using headphones and a mic. Even fewer use full video and voice chat.

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