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What to do if I need help with math homework

Math, a necessary evil some may say. It is a part of every school curriculum in the world and that’s not about to change. Math can be fun or it can be dreadful but either way that homework has got to be completed in time and those grades need to be proper.

So you’re having trouble with your math homework? No problem you and many other people have this in common. Luckily there are tons of places to get help. The most important thing is to develop a genuine liking for the subject.

Your teacher or tutor

This is of course the most obvious resource. Teachers love it when their students are open with them. Go to your teacher and tell him/her that you don’t fully understand the questions or formulae used in a math problem. You will get a personal teacher who will be more involved in your wellbeing rather than when he’s teaching all thirty of you.

You could also opt for a tutor. Getting tutored is nothing to be ashamed of, after all it helps you avoid summer school. Stay back after school and head to the library with your tutor or some quiet place and in no time it will pay off.

Online services

Another helpful resource is using an online service that specializing in math tutoring. These services could be in the form of posted math problem examples and the solutions to the problems. This is then followed up by a trial exercise for you to do, to see whether you actually understood the methods illustrated.

But I know what you’re thinking, why not just get a textbook. Good question. But you’re in luck yet again as there is a wide range of math video tutorials just waiting to be watched. You could also look for online tutors who specialize in teaching via video chat services.

Your parents and siblings

This is perhaps the most underrated resource. When you come home from school or whatever institution, ask for help form your parents. Most often than not, they would like to be reminded of their own experiences.

Better yet, older siblings are an added advantage as they have gone through what you’re now going through and have developed some sort of mechanism to combat these math problems. A funny thing about math is that it gets easier as you get older.