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Mathematics term paper writing: 10 useful ideas

Writing a term paper about mathematics can be difficult because many students who are talented in math are not so strong when it comes to expressing themselves in words. Here are 10 useful ideas to think about when it comes to creating a term paper in mathematics.

  1. Clearly state problem to be solved- It is important that the author clearly state for the reader the exact problem that has to be solved in the writing process. This simply takes time but many writers of math assume the reader knows this and that is a mistake.
  2. Give the Answer- It makes sense that writing about math should definitely include an answer but it is important to state the answer clearly in a form that all people can understand and see the purpose of the paper that is being written.
  3. Be a good communicator- There is a burden in every paper that you write to tell a story or to reveal information and that burden always lies on the author not on the reader. Make sure that you never assume knowledge of a reader.
  4. State Assumptions Clearly- When dealing with mathematical formulas there are often a whole lot of assumptions that have to be accepted in order to do the math properly. Make sure that if this is the case that they are clearly stated. If gravity or air resistance needs to be explained then explain it. There may be no assumptions to make but if there are state them clearly.
  5. Visual Aids- All term papers encourage and need tables, graphs and diagrams to emphasis key points or to provide factual information for the paper. Don’t hesitate to use these because they add to the value of the paper itself. The only thing to avoid is having so many that the information gets lost. In general though graphs are good.
  6. Explain your Variables- Even if there is a graph explaining a variable is, an author still has to express it in words.
  7. Explain Formulas- It is the responsibility of a writer of math to explain where each of the formulas has been derived and where it can be found if there are follow up inquiries.
  8. Proof Paper well- there are no substitutes for good proof reading. Each term paper needs to be covered completely and all of the grammar, punctuation and spelling needs to be looked at completely before it are published.
  9. Passion Play- Make sure that a writer of a term paper chooses a subject that they are passionate about. Having an interest in a topic makes creating the paper more fun and that passion will shine through.
  10. Be Original- There are going to be a lot of papers and research looked at in the process of term paper writing. Work hard to keep your math paper completely original and have it state what you believe in.