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How to Find Answers to Statistics Homework on the Web

So you have wasted time on doing your statistics homework or you just don’t know how to do it.   What do you do?  There are ways you can find the answers on the Internet to answer those statistics questions, the question are where do you start.

Where To Begin

You should always try to figure out how to do the homework before you resort to cheating on your homework because one you don’t learn that way and two cheating is wrong and is punishable in all schools.

  • When searching on the Internet for sources to help you will your homework, you should always try and find ones that have good reviews.  You don’t want to find a site that is tell you the wrong way to do the problems and it counterproductive, which makes doing your homework longer.

  • Once you find the site that you are going to use make sure you look at all of their examples and the process they took to get the answers. This will give you understanding of the problems so you can get the answers.

  • There are services online where you can email or message your problem to someone and they will give you the answer.  I recommend that you learn how to do the work than use something like this.  If you are using it to learn and not doing it to have someone else do your homework that is okay, I guess.

  • There are also some sites where you can put the problem right into a calculator that will find the answer for you.  I don’t know how accurate they are, so do your research before trying this or the last step.

  • There are also people that you can higher to give you the answers but this is cheating and I wouldn’t recommend it unless you really don’t want to learn anything from the class.

These are just some suggestions that you can use to find answers to your statistics homework.  I recommend that you just take good notes in class and ask for help from your teacher, rather than resort to cheating off the Internet.  The Internet does have most of the answers but you won’t learn anything if you are always taking the easy way out.  You should just buckle down and do the work.  You will learn more and you will be a better person because you didn’t cheat.