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College Homework Vs High School Homework: Main Differences

There are plenty of differences between high school and college. In high school, you can expect guidance from the side of teachers, whereas in the colleges you have to be more independent. Another major difference between school and college is about homework. For example, at high school students may do their homework by scribbling something during break hours and submit to the teacher. This is not possible at college as assignments are long and can’t be copied.

Homework at high schools

Home assignments given to high school students can be easily done using proper learning strategies and time management. Since most of the students have a luck environment at school to finish their work from the campus itself, there will be very few works remaining to do from home. By the proper scheduling of study hours at home, students can finish their work. The major problem for students is the procrastination. When choosing the study area, select a place where there are no distractions.

College homework

Home assignment given at colleges should be treated better, unlike school assignments. The students won’t be having the help from parents and teachers for finishing the works. More research on the assignments will be needed to finish the work. Students will have to make use of every free time they get as the deadline is very important. Students should be more involved and organized, while they do their assignments. Working together with other students is an effective way to finish the job perfectly.


There are plenty of differences between the assignments given by teachers to college students and high school students.

  • In high school, teachers give home assignments for students to keep them on track with the lessons taught at the class, whereas at college assignments are in the form of projects. The performance of students in the project will be counted to the final grades.
  • Homework at schools will be short and teachers used to give time for completing the work during class hours. This is not the case at the college as the assignment will be longer and students will not get any time to write work during the class hours.
  • School assignments are mostly from their syllabus. Hence the students won’t have to survey much for the solutions. But at colleges, students will get assignments which are strange to them. They will have to research well on the topic and write.