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Pros And Cons About Homework Banning: An Expert's View

Homework has been a part of the curriculum since prehistoric days. It is evident that since classes run for a short time and take over the learning discipline in that fold, students need to revise that at home to be better versed with the topics. Thus the importance of homework can never be overstated!

The current school

However, the current school of thought promulgates that homework accounts for much of the reading time at home and cuts through the time that students should utilize for developmental studies. There is thus a constant clamor for banning it or at least significantly reducing it.

Here are suggestions of experts on this matter

The Pros

  • - Homework instills discipline in you as a student. The subjects you won’t naturally gloat through in the course of the evening and night; you will have to take over on account of the assignment.
  • - It also brings students up with other class mates and in sync with what is currently being taught. Otherwise most students tend to leave things for late and then find it tough to catch up.
  • - It is an excellent platform for eventual examination preparation. You just need to go through your assignment copy and absorb the content with method.
  • - The need to score brownies with teacher keeps you egged. You also get a calibrated opportunity to strike gold in classes. This is especially for students who are not that eloquent and have to depend on their writing skills to display their potency.

The cons

  • - Homework tends to frustrate you; especially when you have an extremely complicated assignment to handle in the space of a day. This has an enervating influence over time.
  • - It creates a bridge between students who are good at assignments and those who just about manage it. His bridge engenders hostile feelings towards fellow students.
  • - It takes over your time you should spend in gaining concept on subjects that terrorize you. You cannot do much since inability to complete your assignments may result in severe punishment.
  • - It gives a chance to teachers to devolve responsibility. There are quite a few portions that teachers don’t handle directly nowadays, asking students to understand themselves at home.

Different takes

While many schools are serially banning home assignments, some offer lenient work to kids to keep revised. Some schools, especially the military ones, though are of the view that daily homework is necessary to keep students disciplined with rigor.