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Time for truth: school homework help sources are illegal

Homework help websites have created a conundrum for students, teachers, and school policymakers. These websites have made it easy for students to get their homework done without really having to do their homework. It has also made it easy for students to get past the plagiarism checking apps that teachers love to use today. While homework help sites are saviors for students, they are nightmares for teachers. Despite the attitudes of students and teachers regarding homework help sites, the big question rests in whether or not they are legal?

  • Unethical, Not Necessarily Illegal
  • When it comes to judging the legality of homework help websites, it is generally understood that the sites are legal. They are however unethical in most cases. The reality of homework help sites is that they promote cheating, which is unethical. When students decide to cheat and pay for someone to complete their homework, they do put their education at risk. Some schools have extremely strict policies regarding cheating and in many cases, students who are caught cheating can be expelled. The problem comes with the fact that teachers cannot always tell if students have used a help site or not.

  • Cheating on Their Own Learning
  • Students might feel like they are getting away with something when they decide to hire someone to help them cheat on their assignments, but they are really just cheating themselves. The whole idea behind assigning homework is that students will have another opportunity to learn. When students give that opportunity to someone else, they are losing out on the practicing skills and becoming better thinkers, writers, and readers. This is an unfortunate fact for so many kids today.

  • Strong Homework Policies for Cheating and Assigning are Needed
  • In order to make the homework helping sites less attractive to students, schools need to develop strong policies that are easy to enforce. Teachers need to assign homework that is meaningful for students and students have to be able to do the homework that is assigned to them. Homework should be more than busy work. When homework is too difficult or they do not understand why they have to do it, students will look for any way possible to get out of having to do it. With all of the advances in technology, entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to profit from high school and college students who want to avoid doing homework.