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Useful guidelines on how to do homework fast

When you are struggling to do your homework fast there are some things you can do to help.

  1. Find a space to work that is private.
  2. While your mom might want you to keep her company in the kitchen working at the kitchen table while your little brother sits next to you stealing your pens and your mom watches the kitchen television is not the way to go. You should avoid this at all costs. Being distracted in the least will prevent you from finishing your homework quickly.

    Many people think that they can multi task. They believe that multi tasking means doing two things at the same time. That is why they try and listen to their brother and do their homework at the kitchen table. But this is a wildly inaccurate understanding of the term. In fact the concept of “multi tasking” means more “task switching”. Being able to multi task means being able to seamlessly transition from paying attention to what your brother is saying to completing your homework. While this is still a great skill it nonetheless takes away from doing your homework quickly because you are in fact switching tasks rather than focusing on the one task: your homework.

  3. Remove distractions.
  4. One of the best ways to get your homework done quickly is to find a quiet work space and remove all distractions. Turn off your phone or leave it in another room. Turn off the television. Remove your iPod from the room. Instead of trying to listen to music and do your homework and watch the news and respond to your text messages just focus on your homework. You are only hurting yourself by trying to do everything at once. Your time is better spent if you do one thing at a time anyway. You will find that the sooner you remove distractions the sooner you are done with your homework.

  5. Play light classical music or instrumental music if you need sound.
  6. This type of music--without lyrics--is calming and will not distract you cognitively from your homework. Anything with words will distract your brain from the homework assignment in front of you.

  7. If you can have peppermint tea or light peppermint incense or peppermint scented candles.
  8. Useful guidelines on how to do homework fast because this scent induces heightened focus and can help you get your homework done faster.