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Homework Organization Tips: How To Stay Focused

Students are pulled in different directions all the time, but when it comes to their homework or study time, it becomes increasingly difficult for the student to just block out everything to focus on the task, assignment and homework that they need to complete.

Distractions are a big part of life, so if the student to learn how to manage them well when it comes to homework, the skill to stay focused will stick with them as they transition from school to work.  They will be able to take the tips of organization and focus and use them in everyday life; so learning how to stay focused for homework as life long benefits.

Here is a list of tips that will help every student work on their homework organization and stay focused.


  • Unplug: The student needs to unplug from the world. If possible, take the cord for Internet connection out of the computer. Turn the cell phone off, take away the media that can cause a person to loose hours of their life.

  • Ear Buds: Popping in a pair of ear buds and listening to classical or instrumental music is a great idea of how to block out things that can be distracting.  It is a way of helping soothe the mind and soul so that the student can focus on the task at hand.

  • Clear Desk: If the student is trying to go over the homework but their desk is piled with other things, it can be a distraction.  They should be working in an area that is clear and free of distractions.

  • Watch: Wearing a watch and keep an eye on the time. If the student has a time limit, they will be able to keep track of time.  Having time limitations on their assignment will help the student feel like have to get it done within the window.

  • Prepare: Before the student should sit down to complete their work, they need to prepare, have all their materials with them. If they are going to need it, they should have it at the ready.  That ways they don’t have to go searching for something in the middle of the work and risk the potential to be distracted.

It is very important that a student learns how to stay focused with the task at hand. Using these tips can help a student work through the process and learning how to deal with outside forces, by shutting them out.  Once the student can master shutting the distractions out, they can learn how to quickly complete the task.